Prospecting Through Positioning:  How To Continually Fill Your Pipeline With Highly-Qualified, Highly-Motivated Prospects Without Ever Having To Cold Call Again.

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About the Author

Before becoming a sales and marketing consultant, Chris Carlson spent 20 years in the insurance industry as a Salesperson, Sales Manager and National Sales Director.  Since 2003, Chris has worked with clients from large corporations to small business owners, helping them to grow sales, increase profits and create systems that will continually attract ideal clients.

In his consulting practice, Chris works with companies to insure they are focused on the most important step in the sales process, effectively targeting the right types of clients.  By identifying The Ideal Client, companies can now create a Marketing Playbook that leverages the Prospecting Through Positioning methods, creating a transformation in client acquisition.

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  • My interview with Mario Fachini, a 2-Time Best Selling Author, on how to write a book and leverage that book to grow your revenue 
  • My interview with John Cote, on how he started a podcast and created a 6-figure business in an area in which he had no expertise 
  • My interview with Brian Bushlach, host of multiple radio shows, on how he leverages radio shows to get in front of prospects 
  • My interview with Jeff Turley, founder of Go Net Yourself, on how to use video as a prospecting tool 
  • My interview with Brian Haner, CEO of Image Source, on how to use referrals in your Business Development Strategy 
  • My interview with David Brooke, The Gratitude Guy, on how he used speaking engagements to launch his business 
  • My interview with Darren Loken, President of K&H Printers, on how to use direct mail to generate all the prospects you could ever want 
  • My interview with Michael Alf, President of Your Firm Everywhere Now, on how he is using Virtual Summits to attract phenominal prospects
  • A bonus video - ProspectingThrough Podcasting

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